Skull beckoning...

Dancer WELCOME Dancer
Dancer TO THE INTERNET ! Dancer

Skull beckoning...
Skull with horn
Skull Spinning

Greetings to all, especially Dave, BK, MRC, Ian, Gerd, Cypher, Ymer, Aspire, Gamo, Tony, Bruce, James, Jon99, Slb, Brian, Terry, Doug, Charlie, YTS and Iru. Welcome to the Internet!                                                        Credits: Site by Dmb. Inspired by and uses graphics created by the internet pioneers of the 90s. Music originally arranged by Orbital, this version arranged by an unknown fan in MIDI format and recorded by Dmb using vintage Yamaha & Roland hardware. If you cannot hear the music you can download the MIDI file above and play it externally.

Skull spinning
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Dancing Baby
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Dancing Baby